Miron Ashkenazy, born in the Netherlands is a writer, director and producer.
He is also a photographer and captured the stills of the feature "Liza Liza Skies are Grey" of 2x Academy Award winner Terry Sanders. Additional information and the photography can be seen on

Miron got his first break in screenwriting when he got selected by Annet Betsalel, head of the Jewish Broadcasting, the Dutch Filmfund and Mediafund where they developed his film “Parparim” (Butterflies).
 It's a story of a Liberal Jewish girl from Amsterdam and an Orthodox Jewish boy from Israel who don't want to communicate with each other because of their differences, but by his music and her magic tricks they bond. It was broadcasted on TV, won awards and was sold internationally.

Miron was also selected for the Rutger Hauer Film Factory Masterclass in Rotterdam where he was one of the six screenwriters selected internationally. The film “HeartCore” is a poetic story about an artist who can no longer communicate to his beloved and need to create a new and final way to show her his love.
This film was broadcasted on Dutch TV and shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It has the most views on Youtube from all masterclasses and is one of Rutger Hauer's favorites. 

In Los Angeles he further studied screenwriting, directing and producing at the University of Southern California (USC) and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

He produced the feature “The Radiant One”  a supernatural thriller by Kristopher Dolphin.

With Canadian producer Stephanie Boddington they set up a Canadian Production Company called North of Seven Productions. 
Currently we hold the life rights to Leslie Howard. Not only a movie star from Gone With the Wind but it also turned out to be a secret agent and was being sent to Spain to persuade General Franco to not join the axis. - this project is in collaboration with Fred Fuchs.

Recently he joined Ingenio Films, an international film and documentary production company based in Europe and America. The partner company Merlin Burrows is at the cutting edge of global historical discoveries using a vast array of sciences, techniques and traditional research methods. We use satellite sciences in the process of finding Legendary Discoveries all over the world. Each of the discoveries ground-breaking, and each story pieces together another mystery of great historical importance.

He also is a boardmember of the Holland Hollywood Connection,  a non-profit organization to help the Dutch navigating the way in Hollywood.

A reel with some of the following clips:
MemoriAnne (starring Golden Globe nominee Caitriona Balfe)
HeartCore (starring Terence Schreurs)